Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Fred Durst - Philosophy is dead

Well, it's 5:35am and I've been up all night procrastinating.

Having insomnia is pretty frustrating.

Much as I'm not wanting this blogger page to be a place where I can get my irrelevant little whines out, I've found myself doing little else since I started it. And yes, that link really DOES take you to Fred Durst's irrelevant little whines.

Quite hilarious really. Infact, let's take a little look at some of his 'deep' thoughts that he has took it upon himself to share with us:

"what i want right now is to be touched. i am very sensitive when it comes to touch and smell. when my hands touch someone's skin, or their hands touch mine, i instantly feel a chemistry or i feel the complete opposite, no chemistry at all. this is with one touch. i have been this way as long as i can remember. when the chemistry is there i can let a small part of myself go. there is nothing more special than wanting to touch or be touched by someone you have that chemistry with. right now she is so far away, but so close."

Fred Durst's inane waffling reminds me of a friend I once had. It's the kind of 'deep' philosophising done by the type of people who are largely ignorant of the 'philosophies' they attach themselves to. Fred Durst mentions on another post that he is 'currently reading' (like anyone gives a flying fuck??) The Will to Power
By Friedrich Nietzsche. Unfortunately he doesn't give us any analyses on Mr. Nietzsche's diatribe on the uniformity of human thought and the inherent dangers that an unthinking acceptence of 'moral' and 'ethical' untruths can present. I put the words 'moral' and 'ethical' in quotation marks there because Nietzsche understands that there is no such thing as absolute morality; but rather that morality itself is socially constructed - individuals within a society tend to forget or never even consider that morality is artificial and fleeting, and instead believe it to be almost natural or ordained; as if 'good' and 'evil' exist as something outside of human subjectivity and as part of some kind of 'eternal truth'. Why is this crap relevant? Because, according to Nietzsche, those who are stronger within a society can have the courage, strength and honesty to go beyond good and evil - beyond what limits society places upon actions and judgements - and beyond the artificial boundaries society places in other areas besides. Nietzsche is all for the individual - fuck society and think for yourself. That pretty much sums up Nietzsche in a sentence. Well, it'll do for 6:00am in the morning.

Why am I pulling Fred up for this? Simple - because he's telling you he's reading 'The Will to Power' for one reason - to sound deep. You reckon he's really sat there in his backgarden pondering and COMPREHENDING Mr. Nietzsche's philosophy? No - he's simply using the book to sound deep and philosophical to the legions of moronic morons who buy his crappy music and actually take his godawful attempts to philosophise seriously.

Any mention of any of this stuff in Fred Durst's diary then? No... What comes next in his groundbreaking philosophical polemic? He tells us he is reading "The will to power", and then follows up with this:

"i was just reading through my comments from you and this person wrote something that i was really affected by ( see below). thank you so much whoever you are. i share a lot of your concerns and i completely understand your disposition and the answer to your question for me is that i have become wisely numb. you have no idea. and if think you do, you still don't. i am always paying my dues. i have no choice but to pretend it doesn't hurt. the reason i survive is because i have heart. it also helps to be able to be yourself at all costs no matter who has a problem with it. they say negative opinions are like ass holes right? everybody's got one. "

You've become 'wisely numb', eh Fred?

Wisley numb. Wisely fucking numb?

What he means is he doesn't have anything of any relevance to say but he still wants you to think he's deep and meaningful. Just don't ask him to get specific.

He really does remind me of this retard I used to live with. This prick I lived with was in a talentless band (although they have since changed a few band members, and I must say their drummer is a particularly nice fellow. Who may also visit this webblog occasionaly. Hello Adam) who believe they were gonna be (and I'm not exaggerating here), "BIGGER THAN THE BEATLES" The guy I'm talking about did the whole Fred Durst thing - he made sure everyone knew he was up all night talking about 'Philosophy and shit" till 3am in the morning, and would drop in the name 'Plato' whenever and wherever possible. I didn't know an awful lot about Plato at the time to be honest (still dont know a huge amount about him to this day), and would ask him questions about him. Could he answer them? Could he fuck.

This is the kind of philosophy that involves large doses of ecstasy tablets, a constant supply of marijuana, and can only be understood by people who A) Refuse to get a job because one day they're gonna be a big, respected, rock star and show the world how deep they are or B) Are like my ex-mate Leigh.

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Wednesday, April 28, 2004

Manifesto. Well, my first official post and all that...

As it happens, I have created this blog at 6am (or thereabouts) on the 28th April 2004. I have not slept for quite some time now, and have I think quite seriously overdosed on caffiene. I drank maybe 5 or 6 pints of Pepsi during the early hours of the morning to help me write my dissertation. That's the same dissertation that should have been handed in last week. Hmm.

I'm a student at Manchester University, studying History and Sociology, incase you are interested. The dissertation I've been very slowly working on is about the role of Historical Fiction in effecting popular understanding of past events. It's really interesting, I promise. I've centered it around the French Revolution, and I've been looking at 'A Tale of Two Cities', by Charles Dickens, and 'The Scarlet Pimpernel' by Baroness Orczy. This is all very interesting, but it was supposed to be fully handed in on the 22nd of April, and here I am, at 6:10am in the morning almost a week later, creating a blogger account and thinking about what I can write about in my next post.

Actually I do have some material ready to go. I've been thinking about creating a website for some time, you see.

Why the name 'informationstation'? Well, firstly, 'genk' had already mysteriously been taken (although it doesn't appear to be online at the moment), as had 'procrastination', 'insomniac', and 'helpmehelpmeimgoingtoruinmyfuckinglifeifidontfinish
thisbastarddissertationsoon'. Clearly, I'm not completely alone here. I think the name 'informationstation' limits me somewhat. Am I supposed to create a source here for objective information on all manner of relevent topics? Also, I think it sounds slightly arrogant, but bollocks to it. It sounds good, it is roughly what I plan to do, and I think I'm gonna keep it.

You can expect to see some of the following topics appearing in the next few months: Comedy (large doses of - including stuff about Bill Hicks, Chris Morris and various other comedians most people havent heard of). Information on drugs I suppose will inevitably appear on here. I believe quite strongly that ALL drugs should be decriminalised at the least, and I will no doubt write some fantastically convincing articles to this effect. I have some cool stuff about Propaganda I want to do - including a few (3 to be exact, at the time of writing anyway) anti-nazi propaganda videos created by disney a while ago that I will be hosting externally. Two of them include Donald Duck (yes you read that correctly), and one of them is a story adapted from a book about a childs indoctrination into the Nazi Ideology. Great.

So it appears I have some plans. I do however need to get back to this bastard of a dissertation right now. I say that, but what I mean is, I need to go to bed right now, then wake up around 5pm the next day and think about what I can do with this site.

Good night. Good morning. Whatever.
Paul :)

Ghost Post

This is my first post. I have no idea what I'm doing at this stage and I'm most probably going to delete or modify this post in the very near future. Consider this to be the 'ghostly text' that never was.
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